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Welcome To Believe In Your Wings

Believe In Your Wings is a Wellness center to distress from day to day activities. We provide a variety of Alternative Holistic healings.


Schedule your free 15 minute consultation to learn more about my Alternative & Holistic Healing process, and how we'll transform your wellness together .


Guided Meditiation Workshops

Meditation is one of the most calming ways to connect with our mind, body and spirit. It can help with stress, depression and anxiety. You’ll be able to dive into pure energy and gain a natural feeling of your inner power.

We offer private meditation classes and group workshops. For those who are seeking a more personal experience, we can set up a private online session as well.


Usui/Holy Fire Reiki

Reiki is a way of healing through a life force energy. The energy is drawn from the universe and transferred flows through us. Reiki can help with stress, depression and anxiety. While receiving reiki you will be able to connect with the body, mind and spirit.

We offer private Reiki Sessions and Distance Reiki


Personalized Alternative Healing

*Customized healing package

*Group Meditation Workshops

*Private Reiki Sessions

*Distance Reiki

*Coaching Sessions